Online ticket sales and registration for QuinkFair 2021 have ended.

There will be NO ticket sales or registration at the gate in 2021. Only ticketed attendees and disorganizing staff who have fulfilled their “vax or test” requirements can enter the site. Please read our Covid-19 page for details of this policy. All attendees, regardless of age, must be registered.

Food is included in the cost of your ticket through Haven House theme camp.  Water will be available, but we do suggest bringing a few gallons of your own along and then using that container to get water to your campsite throughout the event.

It you live in an FEC or allied community, in place of money you can contribute 8 labor credits, or 4 labor credits plus $40, to attend this event.  If your community is not listed on the FEC website you can not use LEX hours to attend, but other work exchange options may be available. Please contact us at to inquire.

Upper Parking Fees – This is NOT a required item. All tickets include parking in the lower lot(s), but if you would like to be able to take your car in and out during the event you need to purchase/reserve a space in our upper lot. Spaces are limited, reservations are required.  This is a flat cost- upper parking for 6 hours costs the same as for 3 days, because we need to ensure that every car with an upper parking spot reserved has a place to go.