Shelter Logistics

QuinkFair is a camping event, and you should come prepared with your own tent(s), sleeping bag(s), flashlights, and other camp comforts. Private campfires are not permitted, but camping stoves, solar ovens, and the like are permitted. See our Food Logistics page for details about Haven House meals, which are included in the cost of all tickets.

While we provided a shared group tent in 2019, due to the ongoing impacts of covid-19 there will not be a communal sleeping space at QuinkFair 2022. We hope to re-implement this service in future years.

If you have special needs, especially around mobility or noise levels, please get in touch with us at so we can plan ahead on how to best meet your needs. 

RVs- RVs are permitted, but there are no hookups or similar facilities.  The site is a grassy, wooded area accessed by small country roads and a fairly steep driveways, so RVs require a reserved space in our “upper” parking lot due to logistical constraints.   Please get in touch if you’re bringing an RV or trailer to be sure there will be an appropriate parking space for you. We have limited RV parking spaces, and there is a separate fee of $200 for RV parking.