Quink Books – Open your mind

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Good festivals build on people’s excitement, this is why so many events are designed around performers and their personalities. But there are lots of other excitements which are available.

As we have been talking about quinks more, people keep asking for examples – and especially what are common quinks? Things that don’t require the heroics of breaking a toxic relationship or the mastery of enlightenment.

Wolf (on left) coordinates fire and flow arts for QuinkFair

Wolf suggested Quink books. Almost everyone has read a book that has changed their life in a way which they look back on positively now. These books hold a power and story for you and as organizers we want to bring that to our event.

On Friday Oct 1st at dinner we will have the participants of QuinkFair bring copies of their favorite books to dinner with the intention of discussing them, why they changed…

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Honoring the Community(s)

A special part of Quink is that it is happening in the midst of the Central Virginia Communities. I like to use an acronym for this cluster of Intentional Communities: CVIC – Central Virginia Intentional Community making sure to keep the last word “Community” in singular form to impart the sense of unity and oneness.

Meet the Communities is a great event where our view of community is grown and challenged as side by side with the larger established communities, forming communities, partnerships, and initiatives, get a spotlight moment. Sometimes these presentations are to fast sometimes to slow, sometimes redundant sometimes way not enough information..

…but always with energy (even the low energy presenters are buzzing) and almost always with joy.

What would an Art Circle have to accomplish to follow that Act?

Here is what the LA music squad is planning : LA@Quink 2021 – Honoring the Community

Meet the Communities – An evolutionally stable design

Paxus wrote this introduction to the Meet the Communities event, happening at QuinkFair on October 2.

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Evolutionarily Stable Design

There are some evolutionary marvels out there.  Designs so stable that they make the dinosaurs look like the new kids on the block.  I am speaking specifically of dragonflies,jellyfish and cow sharks.  

Turns out one key to all of these creatures is their success in hunting.  Top hunters stay on top.

Say you have an event where you have brought together 200 participants and perhaps 100 of them are hunting for a new community (the others are from communities or are just community-curious). Let’s say there are 40 communities represented. How do you get the key information to the right hunters so they can make good choices?

I don’t know exactly who developed the Meet the Communities format that the Twin Oaks Communities Conference has used for decades, but it is an evolutionarily stable format, because it works so well. 

Can you be compelling…

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Louisa County Communities Welcomes Serenity!

By: Sabrina Simon

As more and more people realize the benefits of living in community- that sharing resources, emotional growth, and the responsibilities of making this world a more habitable place for our future generations, new intentional communities are on the rise to suit specific niches and needs. Serenity Community for Justice and Peace, a BIPOC-led organization has identified that in Louisa County, there is a growing need for people of color to have access to community in a way that feels safe and inclusive of their unique perspectives and life experiences. It’s an unfortunate truth, but one that is certainly being given attention and care- that Louisa County communities are majority white. This fact is a symptom of a systemic issue that affects our whole country. Not just in Louisa County are intentional communities majority white, but in fact all American IC’s are almost exclusively populated by white, middle class people. Creating diversity within communities that have a long history of lacking in racial diversity has proven to be a difficult journey- one that can feel uncomfortable, painful, and confusing. After several attempts of BIPOCs to integrate into these majority-white communities, some feel that the best option for them is to create a new community that is incubated through a BIPOC lens with the focus of healing and liberation.

Serenity Community a newly developing intentional community whose focus is towards education and trade skills while aiding people under the poverty line to experience alternative lifestyles in community. It is important for Serenity to provide experiences to people of color to explore living on the land and within nature as they (as we all do here in Louisa County) believe that closer relationships to nature support greater emotional and mental health. They are also working on creating programming for summer camps, providing outreach and bridges for BIPOCs in local cities to experience rural living, creating housing for foster care programs, and creating curriculum for home-schooling. One of their commitments it to maintain a flexible membership process so that they can best work with families living in poverty. Serenity could also be considered an intentional community incubation project, where their aim is to provide the training, land, and other resources necessary for other BIPOCs to follow their model and continue creating more communities.

Speaking with Britiah Walker, an organizer and member of Serenity Community, I learned that Serenity members (as most are ex-communards) have a consensus view of race within communities. They have experienced discomfort and a lack of support from majority white communities. It is Serenity’s goal to create educational workshops for majority-white communities on how to talk about and approach subjects of race and how to create safe spaces for POCs. It is important for Serenity to maintain positive and progressive relationships with the other Louisa County communities as we all truly need each other to create positive change.

She also mentioned an important difficulty she feels that Serenity is running into. She feels there is a tension between Serenity and other Louisa County communities in that they might feel Serenity is taking away the diversity these other communities have worked to obtain by being a more attractive for BIPOCs. Britiah countered this idea by making a point that Serenity would be contributing to more diversity in the other communities. If there is a safer and more comfortable landing ground for BIPOCs coming from outside the area, as well as a greater draw for BIPOCs to Louisa County communities, they might feel more comfortable exploring other communities. It is common for people visiting a community in Louisa County to also explore some of the other communities as we are all a part of a larger organism. Britiah believes that if Serenity creates more of an attraction for community living for POCs in surrounding areas, they will be inspired to discover what the other communities can offer them as well.

Now how does this all fit into Quink!? As you may well know, a Quink Is the opposite of a trauma- a life-changing experience that transforms it for the better. Often, when people find community, it changes the course of their life and contributes to them living more aligned with their ideals and purpose. I asked Britiah about a Quink that Serenity has experienced as a whole, and she told me about the potluck Serenity hosted at the Mimosa house. The potluck was an event to introduce Serenity to Louisa County communities. Serenity members made a few pizzas but worried they wouldn’t have enough food or support to make it an impactful event. To their surprise, over 50 people from the communities came to show their support! Britiah felt overwhelmed with the amount of support they received, as parents were asking to organize work parties for their kids, and everyone showed interest in helping Serenity realize their dreams. Even some older communards mentioned how they had never seen such excitement for a new community.

So how can you help Serenity get on the ground? Right now, the best way to support Serenity Community is by offering labor hours. They have a ton of work to do at their new home, the Mimosa house and in their farm work (they have 10,000 garlic orders to fill!). As well, the Mimosa house and property is only where they will be getting started, so they still need donations and assistance in fundraising to purchase their own property.

If you would like to offer any in-kind contributions, donations, or labor, reach out to Britiah Walker at

To learn more about their community, check out their mission statement here.

Serenity Community will be presenting at the Meet the Communities event on Saturday at 10am at QuinkFair! We hope to see you there!

Pronto & Presto

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If someone asks you “What is the best type of site for a transformative festival?” you might consider answering “a former paint ball course”.  I would not have thought this way a year ago, but today I am delighted at our good luck in finding this beautiful site with supportive and engaged property owners. The paint ball course was designed with a spagetti like collection of roads an paths. Add to this wild flowers, bee hives and lovely water features and you have a ready made fairy land where with the right people and activities you might just change someones life.

Early map without most of the spaghetti trails, hidden nooks and magical features.

We had a pretty successful ProtoQuink event recently, which was a build up camp and systems test for the QuinkFair celebration. We got the first dome up, we tested the gazebo that will host the Temple…

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It’s time to sing a new song

Nothing new is interesting and nothing interesting is new. We don’t per se create art as much as we become the vessels through which cosmic energy flows. Existence, due to its infiniteness, already contains all beats and melodies. When we are making music, we are tuning ourselves to the different frequencies of existing universal sounds.

On Quink Sunday I wanna sing a solo during the realtime layer combination of U2’s Psalm 40 song with Bob Marley lead lyrics “Until the philosophy … Everywhere is War” except change the last word to “Song”.

Hello Artist

Hello Artist,

Yes, I mean you. Haven’t thought of yourself much as an artist? Well, welcome to your first Quink.

Now, go make the world more beautiful. It’s your duty. Earn all you want. Rest and savor your blessings all you want. It will remain out of balance if you do not create beauty.

Not to mention you will enjoy life more and be more productive in your work if you embrace the identity of the artist.

And, if you come to the fair this year, we will advance together.

We are rehearsing, starting now for optimal synergy. No matter if you dance, paper machine, or play the triangle, the more we get in sync with our inspirations and plans, we can rise together.

Email to get involved. Sooner the better, the clock is ticking…

In all artistry,

Quink Artists Headquarters

So you want to build a festival?

Join us at the QuinkFair site on August 28-29 to help improve the festival site, eat great food, and start gearing up for QF21. RSVP on the Facebook event page if you’re interested (link in post).

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On August 28th and 29 we will be preparing theQuinkFair site. We are in essence running a mini-festival to help prepare for the full sized event on Oct 1,2 & 3. This free event is at a location which will be disclosed to volunteers and is just a few miles from Acorn Community in Mineral VA. Below are some of the things we are working on:

  • Assemble Domes
  • Build a floating dock
  • Mapping/Naming and Sign making
  • Tiny bridge upgrades
  • Assemble wooden benches
  • Decorate the Temple of Oracles
  • Craft a Riddle Garden
  • Clear brush
Build a dome, create a space, craft a culture

Assemble Domes: We have 2 thirty foot diameter geodesic domes which we hope to assemble in this work weekend. These domes have seen many events and the components are well marked for easy assembly. And it is still a satifsfying and challenging experience getting these up.

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A Festival with Homework

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This is an ambitious event. We are striving to create a temporary community celebration where we positively change the lives of participants. This experience strives to strike the delicate balance between joyous celebration and transformative self reflection. We want you to have a crazy good time, and we also want you to walk away from the event a wiser, wilder, and more inspired person.

To this end we are trying some unusual things: this festival has homework you need to complete before arriving. We are asking everyone to bring a very specific type of memory. A rememberance where you made a choice and things in your life improved. It could be a little thing, standing up for yourself or taking a small risk. It could be a large thing, like breaking an addiction, falling in love or reaching a spiritual enlightenment. Reflecting back on the lock downs, how are you…

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The Words You Don’t Know Might Help You

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Many years ago in the bright Nevada sun of Burning Man, I was talking with Rob Brezney, the author of Free Will Astrology. He made the case that part of what hampers efforts to build a more just and positive future is a lack of the right words. He complained that the English language was asymmetric in a fashion that favored negative terms: jealousy, paranoia, contagion, trauma. He helped popularize the term “pronoia” (paranoia’s opposite), the belief that the universe and the people around you are conspiring to do good things and/or make you happy.

Quick Fair disorganizers hard at work

Activists and organizers, politicians and propagandists will oft tell you that we are in the business of storytelling. These new words allow us to tell new, richer stories. You want to coin something that is simple and elegant, yet compelling and desirable. A word that once someone hears…

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