Art, Music, and more

Having QuinkFair is an ambitious undertaking, and even more so is ​holding a space that fosters the quinking experience for many people. ​We’re working the delicate balance between the group’s joyous celebration and transformative self reflection. 

Art helps because it is dynamic and universal.

Everyone brings their own personal memories of when things in life improved. These memories ​are used in ​​the script of the stories we tell ourselves as we work through life. It’s our artist-self​’s​ who produce the scripts, sets, stage backgrounds, soundtrack, etc. while doing it with with the creativity, flair and appreciation our stories deserve. Art is your ​q​uink’s noble steed.

Other connections

  • Rhythm; because  ​the way you improve your story is to often retell it.
  • Style ​as the way you understand your own story.
  • Permission to Shine:  ​W​e are often discouraged from ​intimate parts of stories​ ​because they are immodest​, Art makes “elbow room” for more graphic representation of our self truths.

Our mission for art at QuinkFair is to help you quink. One place to “press the turbo button” are at all the gatherings where you are offered opportunities to ​shine ​and ​present​ your quink experiences so others might learn ​in ​and for their paths​ to their own quinks​.

Want to get involved with the arts at QuinkFair? An artist/musician cooperative forming: QuinkFair is drawing talented performers who are welcome to join this artistic collaboration, which will include pre event rehearsals and event choreography design. All welcome to join this opt-in consensus driven artist endeavor. There is a QuinkFair band forming, if you are interested contact

If you’re interested being part of our fire flow artists group at QuinkFair, please email us at and our fire honcho will get in touch with you with details.