What is Quink Fair?

Festivals can be a journey out of our regular experience into something extraordinary – a world of celebration and possibility.  Most folks think things need to change, both in the world generally & our lives personally. Quink Fair! is dedicated to creating a space for self reflection and positive shifts, for finding like minded people who you might share a project, life or community with.  

Quink Fair! is a celebration which invites change by exploring the participants’ desires and obstacles. Through a colorful and chaotic mix of exhibits, theme camps, music, guides, workshops, dance, and your own curiosity, we will seek experience and insights as a catalyst for personal growth and cultural change.

What to Expect: QuinkFair takes place on private land in Mineral, Virginia, about 45 minutes from Charlottesville. It is a rural area, with some fields but mostly wooded with river access. Participants will be camping.

While music is included, it is not a music festival. While art is exhibited and made here, it is not an art festival. Also, there is no use of money inside, nothing is for sale but bring things to give away. Participants are not audience but play part in making the event more amazing.

Temple of Oracles:  This is a large dome equipped with various different cards, runes, and other divination tools and readers of these devices to help you understand them.  The intention of this space is to foster self-exploration, and create a quiet space for reflection where anyone can consult the oracle, formulate a question and get external mirrors that help clarify feelings, thoughts, fears, resistances, hopes, dreams, intentions and future plans.

The Temple of Oracles has been imported from the Twin Oaks New Years party.

Acoustic Village: A space dedicated to non-amplified storytelling and group singing.

Dance/Contact Improv/Acro:  QuinkFair Is about more than talking and thinking.  There are physical aspects to this celebration as well.  Dance parties, contact improv events, acro yoga space are all gateways to different experiences.  

Ignition: At most events, you get your tickets and then you might have a fun interaction with the person who tells you where to park, but you are on your own. The Ignition part of Quink Fair! is an optional but highly encouraged orientation to this event. A guide will ask you the questions your best friend might be asking if they really wanted to advise you.  What do you need to change in your life? Is your current job serving you? Are you happy in your romantic relations? Which of your dreams are you ignoring and is it time to work on manifesting them? Equipped with these inquiries you enter the event with a direction to consider new possibilities in your life.

Camp Contact Space : Domes and Saunas and contact improv, oh my!

Burns: Regional Burning Man events typically mimic the big burn in Nevada and burn the effigy of a man on the Saturday of the event. Quink Fair! will have a “effigy burn” and there will be smoke, mirrors, tech and sustainability involved at this event on Saturday October 2.

The Temple Burn takes place on Sunday October 3. It is a more somber event, oft mourning things which have past or letting go of things which do not serve you. Here again we will hold to the Burning Man culture, while reducing the carbon footprint.

Your Spark: The most important aspect of QuinkFair is the spark you bring.  What has happened to catalyze positive change in your life? Was it the haunting art you created with simple supplies? The riveting existential conversation inspired by provocative question cards?  The powerful romance that started at a contra dance? Then bring these ideas and materials to camp to help replicate these experiences.

Be generous, be daring, be funny, be wild.