Honoring the Community(s)

A special part of Quink is that it is happening in the midst of the Central Virginia Communities. I like to use an acronym for this cluster of Intentional Communities: CVIC – Central Virginia Intentional Community making sure to keep the last word “Community” in singular form to impart the sense of unity and oneness.

Meet the Communities is a great event where our view of community is grown and challenged as side by side with the larger established communities, forming communities, partnerships, and initiatives, get a spotlight moment. Sometimes these presentations are to fast sometimes to slow, sometimes redundant sometimes way not enough information..

…but always with energy (even the low energy presenters are buzzing) and almost always with joy.

What would an Art Circle have to accomplish to follow that Act?

Here is what the LA music squad is planning : LA@Quink 2021 – Honoring the Community

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