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New Words to build a New World

What is a Quink?   The opposite of trauma, a quink is an event which transforms your life for the better. QuinkFair 2022 is September 23-26 near Mineral, VA.

QuinkFair! is a celebration which invites change by exploring the participants’ desires and obstacles. Through a colorful and chaotic mix of exhibits, theme camps, music, guides, workshops, dance, and your own curiosity, we will seek experience and insights as a catalyst for personal growth and cultural change.

Artist/musician cooperative forming: QuinkFair is drawing talented performers who are welcome to join this artistic collaboration, which will include pre event rehearsals and event choreography design. All welcome to join this opt-in consensus driven artist endeavor. If you are interested contact

This transformational festival in central Virginia, September 23-26, 2022. Adult tickets are $160 plus fees, youth ages 6-17 are $80, and kids 5 and under are free

There are things which we know are coming and several that are possible:

Have questions about logistics?  Want to get involved as a volunteer?  Curious about what has inspired this event?

Tickets are available now!

Get in touch with us at